TRUST Contracting & Trading - Building Contractor - Special Contractor in Building Hospitals and Schools

About Us

TRUST Contracting & Trading S.A.R.L has been established in Beirut, Lebanon since 1986 as General Contractor and Trader. The company has been duly recorded with the Register of Commerce (sub No. 51139) since October 13th 1986. TRUST has also been an ongoing member of the General Contractors and Builders Syndicate in Lebanon since 1992.
Furthermore, the Company is classified as class A for Building and is on the list of qualified Contractors with the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), the Ministry of Public Works, Electricité Du Liban (EDL)  and the American University of Beirut.

TRUST incorporates, besides the civil works section, electrical and mechanical sections. These departments are managed by highly qualified and experienced engineers, assisted by supervisors and skilled technicians in all the relevant fields and supported by the latest required equipment.
This company organization allows us to perform the electrical and mechanical works of even the most sophisticated systems, such as those of hospitals, technical schools, and university laboratories. These works can be performed in house and with our own workforce team.

Our varied experience in the building and contracting sectors together with our highly qualified and experienced team provide us with the ability to achieve almost any goal, however challenging with highest standards and professional efficiency. Over the years, we have acquired a specialty for execution and rehabilitation of hospitals, both in the private as well as the public health sectors.

Enclosed, please find the TRUST company profile with all of the relevant documents for your assessment. Any further information can be provided upon request.


Nazem Faddoul
President, TRUST Contracting & Trading S.A.R.L.