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Safety Policy

TRUST consider that Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations are vital and mandatory for the execution of any project and to the satisfaction of its customers and is therefore committed to abide to all the Safety and Environmental Rules providing the right personnel and services in order to insure the safe completion of any assigned job.

Protection of the environment, compliance with the applicable laws, the safeguard of the private and public propriety, as well as the prevention of injury or illness to the site personnel and the public, are the primary objective of TRUST’s management, and because of the importance that TRUST place on meeting these objectives, selected minimum requirements are outlined in these Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations with which we shall comply during the execution period of any kind of contracts.

TRUST respect and comply with all relevant National and International Codes and Standards as well as applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

Safety Procedure requires sharp awareness and responsibility. With general safety and customer satisfaction as our focus, we shall continue the thorough monitoring of all projects in order to insure the safe and healthy working site.